Looking for a good restaurant in Turin?

To enjoy dishes from the Piedmont tradition to experience original combinations.

In an elegant dining room in the remodelled Turin Palace Hotel, you will discover a place to find the excitement that only food prepared with care and passion can reawaken.
The search for harmony between the tastes of tradition and a careful exploration of some original combinations, can accompany you on a journey made of freshness and authenticity, where each ingredient is respected for its seasonality and cooking that respects its aromas, its shape and its natural flavour.

Events, Lunch and reserved Dinners

Exclusive, Reserved and Discreet Offerings
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Respect for the great cuisine of the Piedmont
Research into some original combinations
Attention to vegetables, their quality and seasonality.

Opening Hours

From Tuesday through Saturday:
from 19:30 to 22:30
On Sundays and Mondays the restaurant is open only to the guests that are staying at the Hotel.
Reservation is recommended.