Jets of scented water with orange essential oils and cold mist scented with mint.
Benefits: refreshing showers in which the combination of fragrances and colour effects take you to a dimension where body and spirit meet, relieving tension and preparing you for various baths and applications. The experience shower is a place that lets you enjoy unique sensations and gentle caresses.

The experience shower, recommended immediately after a sauna, is a jet of cool, nebulised water combined with the benefits of chromotherapy.

This new type of shower has completely revolutionised the concept we had until recently of the shower as a short and fast alternative to a bath in a traditional tub. There is nothing better, after a long sauna or after a hot steam bath, than being surrounded by a micro-nebulised shower of very fine water droplets enhanced by the sensations of fragrances, lights and sounds that both relax and provide new vigour to your body and mind.

The shower is very useful for refreshing the body, giving the skin the right level of hydration and restoring the right vascular tone to the circulatory system.

Temperature: 15-38°C - Recommended time: 5 minutes - Frequency as desired, independently before and after the various baths or applications.