Benefits: organic and metabolic cellular stimulation, raising the immune system’s defences, cutaneous cellular renewal and soothing dry skin.
Encourages deep cleaning and purification of the skin, good for the respiratory system, has toning and relaxing effects and reduces stress.
When you feel your temples pulsing, it is time to end the steam bath and have a quick cold shower; followed, if you wish, by another steam bath. The alternations in temperature are essential for getting good bodily reactions.

Temperature: 40-50°C - Recommended time: 10-15 minutes per session - Frequency: no more than 4 sessions per week

The relative humidity is 100%, forming a mist of layered temperatures, from 20-25°C at the floor level, up to 40-50°C at head level.
Sweating is less intense than in a very hot and dry environment like a sauna, but since the duration is longer, the end result often is that there is more total perspiration. Normally associated with massages, this is a time of relaxation and true well-being.

Contraindications: persons with cardiovascular disorders should avoid the steam bath.