Tub with hydromassage chaise-lounge, jet benches and platforms, neck jets.
Benefits: gentle vasodilation and vasoconstriction effect, useful for body stimulation. The most effective way to rejuvenate body and mind? Treat yourself to a whirlpool bath. The benefits of hydrotherapy and massage therapy flow together to provide relaxation, pleasure and well-being. Hydromassage can prevent aesthetic problems as well as physical ones.

The water’s temperature is a relaxant and encourages circulation. The air bubbles and the water flow compress and decompress the tissues, providing advantages for blood and lymph circulation. The legs become lighter and less swollen, while the dreaded cellulite is reduced through the massaging pressure of the water. But hydromassage is a real source of well-being for the mind, too. The pressure of the massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which stimulate nerve fibres, generating a feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

Temperature: 36°C - Recommended time: 15-20 minutes - Frequency: 2-3 times per week